Week 3: Willpower and Goal Setting


my deepest apologies for not getting this up sooner; starting my new job, while it’s been wonderful, has been a bit more exhausting than i was prepared for.  i have not had time to really look closely at the goal-setting part of this, but here are the most informative/most efficient things i have found on the subject of willpower as a muscle.  hoping you have a chance to look at this stuff before we meet.

“required” reading

short article that explains the basics

a more in-depth article from the apa that is extremely clear and well-organized.  “required” is page 6, “strengthening self-control”.  the rest of the article is really good and i’d recommend it, but if you’re short on time just do pg 6.

“optional” reading

slideshow of top 10 quick-and-dirty points

the major study that kicked-started research on this theory

a free, week-long dealy that might be a good way to get started?


hope you are well.  see you sat morning.  feel free to post any questions or comments that you don’t want to forget to talk about.


ps i SWEAR i did not intentionally find stuff that was stanford-related, it just happened and it made me feel like an elitist asshole so. there’s that.

getting started

how to read, from the class that inspired our class:

not as an analyst or critic, or as a consumer;

but as an observer, a synthesist, a learner.